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We at Asian Funeral Care specialize in Buddhist Funeral rites. Our funeral directors will guide you at this very difficult time through the Hindu funeral service arranging process.

What occurs at a Buddhist memorial service function?

During the assistance, priests and different individuals from the Buddhist people group are welcome to understand lessons or tributes. As indicated by Buddhist memorial service customs, reciting might be driven by priests and visitors can either participate or sit quietly. As of now, grievers and priests may likewise sing Buddhist burial service petitions which are otherwise called sutras. These Buddhist burial service petitions are itemized sanctioned sacred texts that frequently incorporate redundancy.

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Buddhist Funeral

At a conventional Buddhist burial service, the family will sport white or cover their garments with a customary white material, alongside a headband or armband. Grievers may likewise:

Stroll with sticks to represent that despondency has left them the requirement for help

Recite or sing fitting sutras (petitions)

Bring contributions of blossoms and natural product

Consume incense to improve the air

Ring gongs or chimes

All Buddhists accept that demise isn't the end, yet just a finish to the body they as of now occupy. The soul actually remains and will carry on in another domain.

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